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24 Hours in Police Custody - Season 4 Episode 7

Officers search for an armed and dangerous man who is on the run from Bedfordshire Police's "Operation Bosun" - a specialist unit that tackles gun crime.

Episode: 7/9 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.9

Season 4 - 24 Hours in Police Custody
"Banging from within a refrigerated lorry alerts Bedfordshire Police to a group of 15 illegal immigrants within. What starts out as a routine case takes a dramatic turn when the men start falling seriously ill."
"The police have a complex case to deal with when a man comes to them admitting that he tried to set up a meeting for sex with a 12-year-old girl that turned out to be a sting operation carried out by online vigilantes."
"Bedfordshire Police have a high profile case to handle when, English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson assaults a Muslim man in Luton. They also try to help a Muslim woman seeking protection."
"A single punch from a man outside a nightclub leads to the victim's death. The police try to determine if the punch was an unjustified and aggressive assault or an act of self-defence."
"Bedfordshire Police investigate a series of armed robberies that all involve two men wearing crude balaclava's fashioned from items of clothing threatening their victims at knife-point."
"The number of domestic abuse incidents reported to Bedfordshire Police has soared to over 200 a week in recent years. Two such incidents show the difficulties officers have investigating these cases."
"Officers search for an armed and dangerous man who is on the run from Bedfordshire Police's \"Operation Bosun\" - a specialist unit that tackles gun crime."
"During Luton's annual carnival a man seizes the opportunity to enter a house and sexually assault two young children. Bedfordshire Police scan thousands of hours of CCTV footage in the hunt for him."
"When a young woman reports that she has been raped by a man she met in a bar, Bedfordshire Police bring the man in for questioning and try to unpick the two very different accounts of events."
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