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America's Next Top Model - Season 3 Episode 2

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Episode: 2/13 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 5.6

Season 3 - America's Next Top Model
"Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomes the new crop of top model hopefuls to Los Angeles, where things heat up quickly when some girls become unwitting targets of mischief at a pool party that gets out of control, and another finds herself embroiled in a cat fight at a bar during a night out on the town. Meanwhile, the girls become increasingly competitive as they fight to avoid elimination, and one reveals a shocking personal secret"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Tyra and Jay Manuel give the aspiring models dramatic makeovers at an upscale New York City salon, and after confiding to one of her housemates that she has an eating disorder, one of the girls gets a harsh lesson in trust and competition when she discovers that her secret has spread through the house. Meanwhile, CoverGirl Kiara Kabakuru makes a special appearance as the ladies are given ten minutes to doll themselves up for an industry party while in a moving limousine. Later, one of the girls frets about how she looks when the models are challenged to pose without ..."
"When the girls are challenged to star in a glamorous runway fashion show for famous designers Heatherette, one model has trouble staying in her outfit, another has trouble staying on the runway and one model's success on the catwalk stirs up jealously from the others that builds and explodes into confrontation. Later, believing one of her housemates is stealing, a crafty competitor sets a trap in hopes of catching the alleged thief red-handed. Meanwhile, Yoanna House, winner of the second cycle of America's Next Top Model, pays a surprise visit and imparts some ..."
"The ladies learn the nuances of sexy posing from none other than sassy supermodel Janice Dickinson and later are challenged to pose while wearing revealing lingerie in a New York City storefront window as passersby look on. Meanwhile, after a few rounds of heated competition, one model's confidence is so shaken that she can't look herself in the mirror without bursting into tears. Barney's creative director Simon Doonan and male model Lanny Ward make special appearances, and photographer Matthew Jordan Smith is a guest judge. Later, Tyra visits the model apartment to ..."
"The ladies get a visit from Tyra Banks, model Kate Dillon and nutritionist Joy Bower to discuss body image and eating healthy and later, a military trainer puts them through a grueling physical fitness test. Meanwhile, fed up with her housemate's mess after baking brownies, one model retaliates by carving an anonymous note into the baked goods, sparking confrontation, and escalating into a house divided. Model Kate Dillon also serves as a guest judge. Other special guests include photographer Sasha Pflaeging (for the trampoline shoot), photographer Che Grahm (for the ..."
"One of the models seems to be loosening up around the others, so much so that she shares a playful kiss with another. Meanwhile, Tyra Banks sends the ladies to be evaluated by some of New York's top fashion designers, including Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, Diane von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore, and Marc Bouwer, but the appointments turn into a disaster for some after they get lost trying to help one model buy shoes. Marc Bouwer serves as guest judge. Special guests include photographer Davide Cernuschi, fashion designers Nicole Miller, Nanette Lepore, Diane Von ..."
"After meeting with style and publicity experts who discuss image and personal style, the models face a red carpet photo challenge where one competitor seems to have undergone a sharp personality change for the worse, another suffers from the diva syndrome and a third offends another when she openly discusses her distaste towards her to an US Weekly reporter. Later, the ladies must pose covered in diamonds and a live tarantula, which sends one of them into hysterics. Special guests include publicist Paul Wilmot, publicist Hampton Carney, US Weekly's Sarah Pyper, ..."
"When the models take acting lessons, they are surprised to learn their challenge is to perform in a scene opposite Taye Diggs. Later, the girls acting skills are put to the test once again when they must shoot a Campbell's Soup TV commercial in the local language with a director who doesn't speak any English. When one model has a tough time with her performance during the shoot, she stirs controversy by saying she hopes another model \"bites it.\" One of the remaining 6 models is eliminated"
"Never-before-seen footage from the first eight weeks of including a confrontation between the two divas, Yaya and Eva and the girls putting on a lingerie fashion show for Kelle., The episode will feature some of the most hilarious and intriguing moments, including Ann and Eva demonstrating their funniest impersonations of Janice Dickinson; Cassie revealing her past as a stripper to her mother; and Toccara's opinions about Amanda's shockingly blonde makeover."
"In Tokyo, the girls are being taught the proper etiquette of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and the winner of the challenge gets to take a friend to go to a Japanese hot spring. One of the girls face the others' brutal honesty about a negative comment she made previously. Modern and traditional meet in the photo shoot of the week - where the girls also have the pleasure to view an actual super model at work before they do their own photo shoot."
"The girls are separately left to their own devices to navigate the streets of Tokyo in a mad dash to find an outfit that represents Tokyo street style to present to a Japanese fashion designer. As time ticks away, one competitor gets lost as she searches for her final destination. Fashion designers Shingo and Hitomi appear as guest judges. Special appearances by stylist Sawa Vaughters; Toyohiko Mikimoto, Chairman of Mikimoto; photographer Takahashi Mizzaki; and Tyra's mom Carolyn London. Meanwhile, during the photo shoot, the girls are made over in a Japanese anime ..."
"The mounting pressure begins to take its toll on the three remaining girls as one expresses her blatant dislike for another competitor, and the final. Fashion designer Noriko Fukushima serves as special guest judge. After a close-up beauty photo shoot for CoverGirl Cosmetics, one girl is eliminated leaving only two to fight for the number-one spot. At the final challenge, a fashion show for a top Japanese designer, the two finalists are surprised when they see the unusual design of the runway and find out how they must walk it. In the end, one of the competitors is ..."
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