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America's Next Top Model - Season 4 Episode 9

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Episode: 9/13 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 5.6

Season 4 - America's Next Top Model
"Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomes a new group of top model wannabes to Los Angeles, where some girls from the past are given a second chance, another finds herself stripping after a game of truth or dare and all of the girls showcase their best runway strut for Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander, on the premiere of the fourth Meanwhile, one of the girls tries to be the center of attention and stirs up trouble with the rest of the group. After a photo booth test shoot, some girls are sent home and the final 14 participants begin their journey to compete for the title of \"..."
"Supermodel Tyra Banks takes the 14 new ladies to rooftop in New York City to spring the good news that they will immediately be heading to Jamaica for a sexy swimsuit shoot; but when the girls arrive at this tropical paradise, they are shocked to learn that one will be eliminated before the trip's end, Upon returning to New York, the girls settle into their lavish new apartment at the Waldorf Astoria, but not without some disputes over rooms, and a few of them discuss whether one of their roommates is becoming too co-dependent on another. Later, Tyra comes to visit ..."
"One of the models is rushed to the emergency after passing out at a critical point, leaving her ability to continue the competition in question, on J. Alexander makes a special guest appearance, and modeling\/talent scout Sandi Bass serves as a guest judge. Also, when one of the girls celebrates her victory of a runway walk-off challenge with a shopping spree, bitterness emerges among the losing models as they must cater to the needs of the winner and her guests. One of the thirteen models is eliminated."
"When the participants are hoisted in the air to pose as astrological signs for a dramatic photo shoot, the judges tell one model she has the worst photo in America's Next Top Model history. Tennis Superstar Serena Williams, Ballet Instructor Stefan Wenta, Photographer Alex Reznik, Stunt Coordinator Mike Li and Photographer Tracey Bayne make special guest appearances, and supermodel Beverly Johnson serves as a guest judge. Also, a confrontation ignites between the competitors as one of the models calls out another on her bad attitude, and the models are tested when ..."
"When one of the participants contracts a horrifying, contagious skin condition that disfigures her face, the other models are sent into a complete panic and fear for their own safety. Make-up expert Paul Thompson and photographers Delaney and Gitte make special guest appearances and photo shoot producer Jim De Yonker serves as a guest judge. Later, at a shoot for a \"Got Milk\" ad, the girls are transformed into a different ethnicity using the miracle of make-up. One of the eleven remaining models is eliminated."
"The models get a crash course in the business side of modeling by learning about contracts and are secretly evaluated by judges on their ability to handle themselves around industry insiders at a party for CoverGirl. Tyra's father and mother, Don Banks and Carolyn London, make guest appearances along with CoverGirl Kiara Kabukuru, Eva Chen of Elle magazine, Anais Lombard of Elle Girl magazine, Rachel Hayes of Cosmopolitan magazine, and CoverGirl Marketing Director Paul Yocum. Make-up artist and photographer Mathu Anderson serves as a guest judge .Later, at a sexy ..."
"Tyra is pushed beyond her limit and yells at a model for her negative attitude and the participants' acting skills are put to the test when they must perform a scene or Boris Kodjoe serves as a guest judge and makes a guest appearance along with male model Rib Hillis, photographer Kwaku and acting coach Larry Moss. Later, some of the participants are stressed out when they must pose in an intimate lingerie photo shoot with a top male model. Another model is eliminated."
"The participants are schooled on the nuances of television interviews by \"Entertainment Tonight\" correspondent Jann Carl and one of the models struggles to cope with the competition when she receives shocking news from home. Rapper\/ actress Eve and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Jann Carl make guest appearances, and photographer Johann Wolf serves as a guest judge. Later, the models must use what they have learned to interview famous actress, rapper and fashion designer Eve, while a photo shoot challenge puts the competitors on edge. Another model is eliminated."
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"The participants trek across land and water to get to scenic location for a photo shoot, and when they are instructed to create their own wardrobe using nature's elements surrounding them, one model dives into the mud. Special Guests include designer Craig Port, photographer Anton Robert, Elle South Africa fashion director Jackie Burger and National Association of Modeling Agencies CEO Paola de Vito, who also serves as a guest judge. Meanwhile, in Cape Town, South Africa, the models are challenged to impress local fashion experts, and one model's fierce ..."
"The winner of a unique dance challenge earns a reward in which her strategic decision of how to share the reward causes hard feelings and one model's belief that she is special irritates the others and leads to arguments that fray friendships. Special guests include runway trainer J. Alexander, photographer Johan Wilke and South African clothing designers Bebe and Mandela, who also serve as a guest judges. At a photo shoot, the models must dance and pose with male models and one of the girls gets upset when she feels a male-model's intense flirtation crosses the line...."
"Never-before-seen footage from the first eleven weeks including Kahlen playing a prank on Christina, Tiffany trying sushi for the first time and judge Janice Dickinson intimidating the models at a photo shoot In addition to never-before-seen footage, the special night will recap moments such as Rebecca's collapse, Michelle's skin disease and Tyra's tiff with Tiffany."
"In Cape Town, South Africa, the three remaining models are challenged to perform in a CoverGirl Outlast make-up commercial, and after the challenge one girl is eliminated, leaving only two to fight for the number-one spot. Special guests include commercial director Russell Underhill, photographer Helmut Rautenbach, runway trainer J. Alexander, designer Robyn Lidsky, designer Gavin Rajah, and designer Gretha Scholz, who also serves as a guest judge at the first elimination. Later, the two finalists face-off in an ultimate runway show featuring Cape Town's top fashion ..."
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