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America's Next Top Model - Season 8 Episode 4

Makeover day! As one model is put through two different makeovers, another has to endure a painful session.

Episode: 4/12 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 5.6

Season 8 - America's Next Top Model
"In part one of the 8th season premiere, 32 young women arrive in LA, only to be whittled down to 13 finalists who will compete to become America's Next Top Model. A boot-camp with J. Alexander and some tough-talk from Tyra Banks await."
"In part two of the 8th season premiere, the 13 contestants move into their new home -- a mansion in the Hollywood Hills -- and directly into a controversial photo shoot with judge Nigel Barker."
"A runway session with J. Alexander preps the girls for two related fashion shows: one with a prom theme, another with a high school theme."
"Makeover day! As one model is put through two different makeovers, another has to endure a painful session."
"The girls are given a lesson in how to pose by Benny Ninja, then their skills are put to the test in a laser maze challenge. Later, the girls participate in crime scene photo shoot."
"The girls are divided up into teams, where they are tasked with creating their own department store displays, where they then have to pose as the mannequins. Later, in a photo shoot where the girls pose as men, one girl's transformation shocks her competition."
"Twiggy informs the girls on how she got her iconic nickname, then each girl gives herself a nickname, which she must then use during a Hollywood party. Eencounters with rapper 50 Cent, talent manager Barry Medina elevate the drama, as does a confrontation involving all of the remaining girls -- and Tyra. Finally, the girls participate in a photo shoot where they must highlight four of their inner personalities."
"Efren Ramirez and Tia Mowry give the models a crash course in character acting, prior to their weekly challenge. The photo shoot highlights scandalous moments from past seasons and features contestants from previous cycles."
"The girls get lessons in hosting, and are later informed by Tyra of their travel destination. Once there, they must lean on their new hosting abilities while they interview local residents. Finally, the girls are asked to star in a Cover Girl commercial, where one potential model struggles with her lines."
"A cycle 8 recap episode, with previously unseen footage of the six remaining contestants."
"Only five girls remain, and on this episode, the contestants are sent on go-sees to top Australian designers. While one girl requests to keep the clothes she models, another breaks down after a late arrival. Later, when Tyra shoots the girls in swimwear, one model impresses Tyra, while another falls flat."
"The girls are taught about the art of self expression and storytelling and are later put to the test when they must tell stories of their own using their new skills. Later on, the girls go out but one model stays home sick, giving the other three the chance to gossip about her while she is absent. In their photo shoot, the girls are body painted and must use traditional clothing and Aboriginal dance to express themselves. While one model completely embraces the dancing, another bitterly complains about having to do so. Finally, the panel lights on fire when the girls ..."
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