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A young child by the name of Chowder is the chef's apprentice. Chowder believes that one day, he will be a widely respected chef like the one he is working with, Mung Daal. However, Chowder has a problem. He cannot stop gorging himself on the...

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Season 1 - Chowder
"If Chowder can survive making a very complicated dish, he's on his way to becoming a chef. But the last step may be the one that finally breaks him.\/When Panini sets her love-struck eyes on Chowder, he tries every trick he can think of to convince her he's not her boyfriend."
"The Sing Beans: In order to cook the performing food Sing Beans, the gang has to stay up all night as the dish cooks. But Chowder takes it upon himself to finish the process with wildly musical results. Certifrycation Class: When Mung is forced to spend a day in Chef Certifrycation school, he butts heads with the instructor. Mung must decide to stay true to his instincts or swallow his pride in order to pass."
"The Wrong Address: Chowder leads Mung through an unfamiliar part of Marzipan City. The Wrong Customer: An outlaw uses the catering company as a hideout."
"Chowder learns that messing with Truffles' game night means certain doom. But he's willing to risk it all for a taste of the Mevilled Eggs she's serving.\/Kimchi falls in love with one of Mung's smelliest dishes, whisking it away to a romantic setting atop the catering company. Chowder goes against Mung's wishes and stands up for his pet's right to happiness."
"Mung Daal creates a man from the Thrice Cream dessert to satisfy Chowder. Elsewhere, Truffles goes on a diet and forces everyone else to share it."
"Chowder helps Gazpacho prepare for his comedy debut; Mung and Ms. Endive unveil the same dish at Marzipan City's biggest food fair."
"When a powerfully sour berry sends Chowder on a strange journey into his own mouth, he finds himself on a mission to save his beloved taste buds from some very tart invaders.\/When Truffles' short temper causes Mung's fruit creatures to stop producing juice, he locks her in the garden with an ultimatum: Either she makes friends with them or she never gets out."
"Mung Daal sends Chowder outside to learn sports, which Chowder finds unbearable. Elsewhere, Truffles ignores Mung after he forgets their wedding anniversary."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Chowder, Mung and Shnitzel just want to spend a nice day at the beach. But when they all get trapped in the bathroom, it becomes a race to escape before Chowder explodes from having to go number one.\/When Chowder knocks his internal clock out of whack, he becomes an unstoppable Sleep Eater! Now in order to return himself to normal, he must stay up all night without eating - a task that is easier said than done for the hungriest kid in Marzipan City."
"Panini tricks Chowder into caring for a wounded fruit... as her husband. Elsewhere, Schnitzel has lost his strength and must regain in a tournament."
"Chowder and Schnitzel deliver a cake to a client who lives in a giant's scalp. Elsewhere, a rat is discovered in Mung's kitchen and the gang gets blackmailed."
"Chowder loses his hat and sets off on a quest to recover it. Elsewhere, Mung Daal cooks up a meal to make Chowder smarter."
"Shnitzel quits Mung's Catering Company for good and goes to work for their rival, Endive. But he soon discovers that his old friends mean more to him than he realized."
"Chowder is sent to find a spare part for a machine he broke. Elsewhere, Mung Daal has to deal with a traumatic experience in his early years."
"After an argument with Mung leaves him drunk with power, Gazpacho must choose between being right or winning back his friends.\/Chowder becomes unusually useful after his hand accidentally becomes inflated. But when that usefulness starts turning dangerous, Mung is forced to take matters into his own inflated hand."
"When Chowder and Gorgonzola are unwillingly paired up at the annual Apprentice Games competition, they discover their opposing personalities lead to a winning formula."
Season 2 - Chowder
"A forest of annoying trees take over Mung Daal's house."
"Panini for President - When Panini declares herself president of the apprentice's society, Gorgonzola (through Chowder) competes against her. Chowder's Babysitter - While babysitting Chowder, Gazpacho thinks he has killed Chowder and needs to get his \"spirit\" to pass on to the other side."
"Chowder gains the catastrophic ability to breathe fire. Elsewhere, a circus comes to town, setting the stage for chaos."
"Mung gets Chowder to find a storybook to read to an impatient Meat Oaf (a live, talking meatloaf made for a customer). Unfortunately Chowder couldn't find a book in time due to all the clutter in the kitchen. Mung and Truffles decides to have a garage sale in order to lighten the load and make some money along the way. Chowder, not knowing what a garage sale is, plays along with it, until he sees Mung selling Gazpacho his forks. Not wanting people to buy \"his\" junk, Chowder tries to get people out of buying them, including telling one customer that buying a box of old..."
"Chowder worries he won't receive the gift he wants on Knishmas. Meanwhile, Mung wants to make a perfect Schmingerbread house, but he may have to buy one from Mrs. Endive instead."
"Chowder opens a catering company, but tries to literally kill off the competition (meaning Mung). Elsewhere, Mung tries to acquire a catchphrase to enhance his cooking."
"Sgt Hoagie tries to finish a case fast so he can go to a date. Elsewhere, the gang spends all Truffles's money without her knowing, and must move fast to get it back."
"When Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel on a fishing cruise, he gets more than he bargained for thanks to captain Rueben.\/Mung's old cooking master shows up and embarrasses him, telling everyone about his greatest cooking failure. Now the only way to prove he's become a good chef is to travel back in time with Chowder to fix his mistake."
"Big Hat Biddies: It's Truffles big day to impress the members of The Big Hat Biddies, Marzipan City's most exclusive ladies' club. But Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel's best efforts may hurt her chances more than help. The Deadly Maze:As part of an elaborate revenge scheme, Mung's old apprentice, Gumbo, traps Chowder in a deadly maze!"
"Chowder takes an examination to ensure he remains an apprentice. Elsewhere, Truffles tries a new voice because no one likes her old voice."
"Kid Shnitzel: Shnitzel reverts back to being a kid so he can get out of doing work."
"Mung Daal and his wife face off as rivals in a bizarre game."
"Chowder suffers a brain freeze and gets trapped within his own dream world."
"Mung tries to replace the family snail car"
"Mung blackmails Endive to use her pool."
Season 3 - Chowder
"In order to win an amazing mixer, Chowder and Mung compete in a grueling contest that involves standing still.\/Gazpacho talks Mung and the gang into helping him transport some dangerous fruit across town."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"After his lazy methods as Scout Leader are called into question, Gazpacho takes Chowder and his fellow Apprentice Scouts on the most grueling outing of their lives.\/When the catering company is robbed, the gang cooks up a guard dog. But Chowder modifies the recipe, making the dog turns more dangerous than not having any protection."
"Gazpacho takes Chowder, Gorgonzola, Panini and Ceviche on a Scout Trip."
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