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Social workers Rose and Al work in a children’s services department, dealing every day with the all too familiar social issues that flood the media. Swimming against a tide of bureaucracy and pedantry, and contending with the absurdities and...

Duration:24 mins

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Season 1 - Damned
"In the opening episode of the comedy about a group of long-suffering Children's Services social workers, former copper Nitin is tasked with grassing on the rest of the team as he has no personal allegiances - or friends."
"An outbreak of punctuality surprises the cluster teams at Elm Heath. Rose uncovers an embarrassing truth while investigating an improper relationship between teacher and pupil while Nitin gets to clean the most toxic of kitchens."
"Al is worried about homophobic abuse some gay parents are receiving and Nitin has accidentally posted his arse on Instagram. Everyone is unaware that one of them is about to be taken hostage by a violent man with two children in care."
"Rose brings her mother, who has dementia, into work by passing her off as a work experience trainee in the hope that she can sneakily get her assessed by the Elderly Care team upstairs - a plan that is aided by a breaking news story."
"Nitin is smartening himself up as Nat has fixed him up with a date. PC Harris calls an Emergency Strategy Meeting as he is convinced two missing Syrian orphans are an ISIS sleeper cell - whereas Martin pops to the shops to look for them."
"It's Judgement Day at Children's Services and Denise wants all outstanding cases closing. That leaves Al trying to rehouse a large family of Syrian refugees while also trying to save his relationship with his girlfriend."
Season 2 - Damned
"Social workers are under pressure dealing with a single mum sex worker not helped by Denise bringing in a smug know-all student."
"Al helps a boy with a transitioning parent, Rose flirts with Denise's brother and Nitin finds a man drunk in charge of a baby."
"Nitin gets a shock, Al gets an even bigger shock from a taser, Rose goes on a date and Denise gets brainfreeze on live TV."
"Secretary Nat tells Martin that she believes student Mimi is stealing files whilst Al contends with a boy who refuses to clean his teeth and Ingrid's foster-son Limahl also gives cause for concern. Rose has a personal problem and the historic abuse case refuses to go away, with Nat getting involved."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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