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Hotel Babylon

This British drama show from the BBC was launched in 2006. It takes us behind the the scenes of a luxurious five-star London hotel, where manager Rebecca Mitchell leads a team whose job is to give a superlative service. What we see is a series of...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Hotel Babylon
"The head receptionist at a London hotel has to prove himself to his boss if he wants a promotion."
"Unfortunately for him, Rebecca puts him in charge of keeping suicidal guest Mr Machin alive, while concierge Tony has to deal with the repercussions of mistaking a legitimate guest for a hooker. But this is the least of his worries as Rebecca's re-branding of his job has severely rocked his confidence. The staff help an elderly ex-worker celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary, forcing Rebecca to reflect on her own marriage. Meanwhile, shady limousine drive Pete is becoming more demanding as he threatens to divulge whatever it is he knows about Charlie's mysterious ..."
"Charlie only agrees after Tony reminds him of how much cash they could make from delivery scams at the event, realising it's the one way he can raise the money to bribe Pete out of telling Rebecca about his past. Finding an agreeable suitor is easy enough, but can they convince Natasha's billionaire father Vladimir, and more importantly Rebecca, that the wedding is genuine? The whirlwind of wedding plans catch Rebecca on a personal level, but it's obsessive compulsive guest Mr Daniels who makes her realise that hiding in the hotel isn't going to solve her own ..."
"When Anna bumps into - literally - wealthy American lawyer Richard, she becomes convinced they're fated to be together. In a delusional whirl, she stops at nothing to get this man (and the lifestyle) that she's after. And if it means breaching the 'strictly no guest\/staff relationships' rule, well, Anna's always felt rules were meant to be broken. With General Manager Rebecca on her back, only the quick thinking of fellow receptionist Ben keeps Anna's indiscretions under wraps. Charlie is happy to let beautiful female guest Alice massage his bruised ego after ..."
"Below stairs, we witness a world the guests never normally get to see - the immigrant labour that really makes the place work. A raid on the hotel by Immigration Officers forces Jackie into a dilemma when she's reminded by the officials about her own immigration status. What can she do to stop them deporting her? Gino has less serious problems - in order to keep the tips from a particularly generous guest flowing, he has to pretend to be gay. Can even Ben help him convince in the role? Meanwhile, Charlie is asked by a guest, Liz Sykes to help cover up an affair she's ..."
"Already spooked after Tony tells them a grisly tale of murder at a nearby hotel, Anna and Max are further unsettled by the disappearance of security guard Jagdeep. Anna is sent to deliver a bottle of whiskey to a sheik, who is staying at the hotel after buying antique pistols at a Sotheby's auction. On her way back, she becomes convinced that she's heard a guest murder his wife in one of the bedrooms. Charlie refuses to take her seriously, despite having seen the guest, Mr Johnson, arguing with his wife earlier. As the night wears on, Mr Johnson's behaviour - like ..."
"Riled and suddenly untrusting, she not only interviews all of the staff, but also calls in an auditor - much to the distress of Gino and Jackie, whose stocktake figures are complete fantasy. Meanwhile, Anna is leading a teenage virtuoso violinist into naughtiness. Derek the doorman manages to persuade Rebecca, via Charlie to interview his wayward son for a job at the hotel. The lad is rubbish, though. About to break the bad news to Derek, Charlie realises the awful truth from something the dooorman says - Derek must be the hotel thief. Rebecca must maintain her ..."
"The surprise arrival of the hotel chain's European Director Adrian unsettles the staff further. Only Rebecca knows he's there for more than purely business reasons - the two of them had a fling a few months before. Adrian proves to be only the start of their worries: a star witness, Mr Wiltshire, is being housed at the hotel during the course of an infamous gangland trial. Tony is nervous about the risk to staff and Charlie has the unenviable task of looking after the guest. Whilst Tony attempts to forment a mutiny amongst the staff, Rebecca finds herself being wooed ..."
Season 2 - Hotel Babylon
"Mr and Mrs Poldark, who've both undergone plastic surgery, check in to the hotel separately. They want to recuperate before their 20th wedding anniversary celebrations. But the staff become involved in various escapades, trying to prevent the couple from meeting. Meanwhile, prominent MP Theresa Evans is forced to hide in the hotel following the news that her husband Robert has had an affair. And below stairs the war with rival hotel The Burlington reaches new levels of drama when Babylon's bar stools go missing. How will the Babylon staff retaliate?"
"A Premiership football team checks into the hotel ahead of a must-win big match. They make the mistake of upsetting the hotel staff, who begin planning a satisfying revenge. Meanwhile, a weird group of guests, all dressed in black and named after Cornish villages, arouse Anna's interest. To her horror she discovers they're an 'end of the world cult'. Will she be able to escape their clutches?"
"Glamour arrives in the shape of Lord and Lady Stanmore and their fabulous Viennese Charity Masked Ball, hosted by Julian Clary. However, Anna's arched eyebrows are raised even further when she recognises her old pal and fellow receptionist Caz Simpson, aka Lady Catherine Stanmore, on the arm of Lord Stanmore. Anna's envy quotient reaches an all-time high. Can she help herself to a piece of the action? Elsewhere, homophobic rap artist Switchback decides to give old school friend Ben the time of his life at a party in his suite. Is there more to Ben and Switchback's ..."
"High-flying businessman Robert Kane proposes to his girlfriend, Lisa, in the restaurant. She's thrilled until she discovers he actually lost his job six months previously and is running out of money. Lisa dumps Robert, who heads toward the balcony with the aim of throwing himself off. Charlie talks him out of it and agrees to give Robert the vacant position of bellboy. But is Robert in the right state of mind the make a success of his new job? Meanwhile, Rebecca receives her decree absolute and decides to hold a divorce party, and Jackie makes a shocking discovery ..."
"When a former-nurse-turned-reality-show celebrity, Carrie Cottan, checks into Hotel Babylon, Gino becomes besotted with her. Carrie's famous for having an affair with TV presenter Marcus Walker, and is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Elsewhere in the hotel, Jackie is delighted when a novelist she admires, Francis Levington, checks in prior to his latest book launch. She makes an excuse to meet him alone, but soon comes to regret her actions."
"Tony loses out on the Concierge of the Year award because his services are deemed old-fashioned. Riled, he decides it's time to modernise his game. But when he gets involved with a gang of Russian drug dealers he soon find himself out of his depth. Meanwhile, Rebecca realises she has a serious mutiny on her hands after cancelling the Christmas party. She reinstates it, with Charlie's help, and he ends up proving his worth in more ways than one. Elsewhere, famous British actor and renowned sex addict, Aiden Spencer, is using the hotel for a press junket to promote his ..."
"Wanting to remain professional, Rebecca and Charlie agree to meet to discuss the new developments in their relationship. However, seeing them together ignites feelings of jealousy in Jackie. In the middle of juggling both women, Charlie's younger brother, Dan, arrives at the hotel - which can only mean trouble. Meanwhile, the restaurant's wine list is looking worryingly short of top vintages When wealthy Mrs Klein suggests a wine taste-off at the hotel to win a case of very expensive Petrus '61, James feels he has no option but to comply. But can he survive the event ..."
"Hotel Babylon is facing a takeover by Donovan Credo - infamous in the hotel trade for ousting the staff and bringing in his own 'drones'. Rebecca is to be kept on but Donovan allows her to keep only two members of staff. Rebecca chooses Charlie but makes him decide upon the other, dangling the managerial career carrot in front of him. Starting with Ben, one by one the staff are all given their notices. Tony learns he is the other member of staff to be kept on. However, he throws it back in their faces and walks out. When Charlie also decides to resign, Rebecca is ..."
Season 3 - Hotel Babylon
"Anna thinks all her Christmases have arrived at once, when highly successful clothing company De Rigeur holds a fashion show at Hotel Babylon to launch their new collection. Anna's a big fan of the label and quickly ingratiates herself with Duncan, the creative director, in order to get her hands on the collection's star piece - the Astrix dress. Things at De Rigeur, however, aren't as glossy as they seem as Duncan accuses his boss, Price, of using sweatshops in order to keep clothing costs down. When Price refuses to listen to Duncan, he finds himself an unlikely ..."
"Love is in the air as Valentine's night approaches, but the restaurant has received a damning review from restaurant critic Alexander Crawfield. New PR Emily rises to the challenge and convinces Charlie to hire hot celebrity chef, Otto Clark, leaving the Head Chef, Adam Price, out on a limb. Gino suspects that a pair of bronzed and beautiful guests are using one of the rooms to shoot porn and stream it over the internet. Jackie's doubt doesn't wash with the boys, but she manages to stay one crucial step ahead of them, and ultimately laughs all the way to the bank. ..."
"Hotel tycoon, Donald Stern's daughter Naomi is getting married to wealthy American, Earl Archer, and he wants her to have the best wedding possible. However with the wedding planner away, it's up to Emily and Anna to make it a success. Unfortunately Emily can't help getting drawn back into her old party ways and causes chaos on Naomi's hen night. It will certainly prove a wedding to remember. As a result of the society wedding, Charlie introduces a system ensuring that the team get an equal reward from the tips for having to pull out all the stops. Ben is deemed the ..."
"It's the final rounds of auditions for new West End musical Princess Scrunchie. The hotel's alive with precocious kids and crazy showbiz parents, the worst being Scarlett Adams. Tony is stunned when his thirteen year old daughter Liz arrives out of the blue and announces that she's in the final ten. Gino's brother, Ginelli, appears and finds himself helping Gino out behind the bar. The problem is that Ginelli can charm the birds from the trees, which Charlie puts to good use. Unfortunately this is what Gino feared and the truth about their brotherly relationship comes..."
"Charlie is starting to realise the pressure of managing a five-star hotel when a report from head office shows profits are down. His day gets worse when it emerges the chambermaids haven't been paid. Hutch a friend of Charlie's, is an established diamond dealer, who's arrived for an exclusive jewellery auction being hosted at the hotel. However rumours of a planned heist are making people jittery. When Hutch realises the auction might be cancelled, he becomes desperate, revealing to Charlie that the auction is his ticket to freedom. With Head Office on his back, the ..."
"Jack has just been promoted to General Manager, and this year's big 'rom com' is being filmed in Babylon by a very emotional director. Problems arise as leaks to the press, a lack of on-screen chemistry between Katy and Tom and a gaffe by Jack all threaten the film, and ultimately Babylon's profits. It's up to Jack to save the day, but will he succeed? Anna is having a dilemma. Ned has just invited her for a weekend away in New York, but she can't get Charlie out of her head. Finding it hard to know what to do she confides in Rachel, an enigmatic young woman who seems..."
"Illusionist Dan Black is in town to do his next big stunt - disappear from Trafalgar Square. Anna seeks out how to perform his stunts and easily masters the art of levitating. Eager to find out more of his secrets she coerces Ben into going to Black's room whilst he's out performing. However, Black manages to get the last laugh. Chat show host, Eddie Palmer asks Tony to get him some female company. Palmer insists on using one of his regular contacts, so Tony escorts Mei, a young looking, Chinese woman, to Palmer's room with dire consequences. Much to Gino's jealousy, ..."
"Soon to be famous faith healer, Jonah Slaughter, arrives at Babylon with his faithful assistant, Nathan, in tow. At the same time, a rather nervous Caroline checks in and quickly situates herself in the bar. Finally, Martin arrives with an odd request - he wants his son's ashes to be stored in the hotel safe. When this isn't an option, Jack enlists James to look after the ashes, and guard them with his life. But there's more to these guests than meets the eye. Ned proposes to Anna, but celebrations are cut short when Anna hears what she believes to be a gun shot. On ..."
Season 4 - Hotel Babylon
"Jack has gone and the hotel is due to be closed and sold to Japanese developers and Juliet Miller is caretaker manager for its final weeks. Despite a terrorist alert following a bomb blast a lavish party is being held for Bollywood star Omar Pandit's engagement to Aishia Chadhuri,daughter of a Mumbai hotel magnate whom Tony hopes will buy Hotel Babylon. Sam Franklin, a handsome millionaire, brings customers galore to the hotel, following the blast. He is Juliet's ex-husband and she is cool towards him but trade booms as a result of the influx of guests and,following a..."
"Having lost all his other investments the hotel is Sam's only asset and his first job is to bring in an inspector to assess its 'green' credentials. He is very fussy but James exposes him as a hypocrite, wanting a cushy holiday. Married television cooks Erin and Ed Martyn, the \"perfect\" couple, arrive with small son Tyler whom Anna is delegated to baby-sit. She discovers that the Martyns are far from happy and on the verge of divorce but talks sense into them for the sake of Tyler who tells her she will make a good mother. To quash the staff rumours about her child's ..."
"The posthumous biography of thief-turned-author Harold Kelly claims that in 1973 he hid twelve stolen emeralds in Hotel Babylon and it gives clues in verse as to their location, causing dozens of guests, including Michael Winner, to turn up and join in the treasure hunt along with the excessively eager staff. Foul-mouthed ex-movie queen Constance Evergreen is another guest, whose son has asked she never be left alone ...or near a bar. Tony fails twice over here but she helps him secure the services of singer Olivia Nightingale. Tanya finds two corpses but both ..."
"Whilst tax inspectors and safety officers pay a surprise visit, Hotel Babylon hosts a knock-out poker tournament, one contestant being hotel magnate Damien Rushby, actually Emily's estranged and widowed father.He wants to buy Babylon and when Sam refuses, having guessed that he called in the unwanted visitors to weaken him,Damien plays cards with him with the hotel as the stake. Sam loses... Tony meets his exact double, American writer Bobby Mack, who craves a return to his humble origins and persuades Tony to swap places with him for the day. Both do well, Tony ..."
"To compensate for a usually slack weekend Juliet has let the hotel to a fan convention for the cult 1970s fantasy hero Captain Stranger and she is annoyed that Sam has gone behind her back by recruiting Meredith, a slick motivational expert, to run a team building exercise at the same time. Gino gets a hot date with Mary, one of the conventioners, but her obsession with the show spoils any future they might have. Juliet and Ben help out washed-up television presenter Martin Armstrong, who has been stowing away in the hotel, pinching food and showers. They get him an ..."
"A wedding between minor European royals is to take place at the hotel and Sam has secured exclusive photo rights, worth a quarter of a million, with an Italian gossip magazine to pay off a huge tax bill. Unfortunately the royal bride elopes with a Canadian equerry so a fake wedding, enacted by staff, is substituted. Gennaro, the magazine editor, rumbles it and threatens legal action but Sam counters by telling Gennaro he will expose him for the illegal means he uses to gain stories. James learns humility from an aged trainee and Tony combines with a wealthy wild child..."
"An award ceremony is held at Hotel Babylon, hosted by comic Jim Doody who wants to re-kindle his affair with Juliet, but he is married, and Juliet feels hurt when she finds out. A jealous Sam plays strip poker with journalist Charlotte, who is organizing her friend's baby shower - for the wrong reasons - and Juliet and Sam end up getting a little bit closer. James is caught in the crossfire when the two wives of deceased Italian artist Christiano Cucci disagree over his wake and has cause to thank Gino when the 'corpse' disappears and turns out to be very alive, the ..."
"Juliet and Sam start to date again whilst the staff are intrigued by the finding of a manuscript of a saucy novel whose characters are obviously based on themselves, the eventual author being an unlikely candidate. The hotel hosts a dating evening where Sam rescues Emily from a lecherous press baron and Juliet's old mate Karen tells Sam that his ex-wife aborted their baby. Sam gets cosy with Emily but she has the grace to send him home to Juliet. Everyone rallies round Melanie to keep her in her job and Tony 's support for a young drug addict gains him promotion in ..."
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