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Life Sentence

When Stella discovers that her terminal cancer is cured, she will have to learn to live with all the decisions she has made when she decided to "live as if she were dying."

Duration:44 mins

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Season 1 - Life Sentence
"After being cured from cancer, Stella must face her long-term consequences of the \"live in the moment\" decisions, and start learning to live like she's living."
"When the INS unexpectedly shows up, Stella and Wes must defend their marriage or Wes might be deported back to London."
"As Stella settles into her new volunteer role as Patient Advocate, she suggests Sadie try the clinical trial, until they learn the trial has ended."
"When Stella decides to apply for a manager position, another secret about her past forces her to figure out what she really wants to do with her life."
"Stella feels like she and Wes need to get back into a romantic rhythm, but things take a turn when Wes gets a surprise visitor."
"When Stella and Wes agree to always tell each other the truth, but it becomes a problem when it comes to Dr. Grant; Stella begins to notice Aiden is up to something."
"Facing a growing problem, Aiden keeps the faith that Peter will keep him out of trouble; Stella struggles with the truth about who tipped off the police."
"Stella goes on a road trip to get Sadie into a clinical trial; Wes gets a call from his ex about a job opportunity."
"Stella and Wes learn some unexpected news; Aiden's unfamiliar feelings for a girl puts him in uncharted waters."
"Stella and Wes seek professional help; Aiden starts looking for a job; Lizzie and Ida begin working together; Peter has to make a tough decision."
"Stella's opportunity to plan an event for the hospital touches a nerve for Dr. Grant; Wes is forced to find an investor that no one is happy about; Peter must decide whether to make Ida's dream real."
"Stella discovers concerning information about Wes; Peter and Ida celebrate their last anniversary in an unusual way; The family comes to a standstill when someone gets sick."
"Stella and Wes find themselves defending their relationship to the world; Peter realizes who he wants to be with; Aiden refuses to give up on his dream."
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