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Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester and his assistant, TV's Frank, have trapped a hapless soul (Joel, later Mike) in the vacuum of outer space. With their guinea pig aboard the bone-shaped Satellite of Love, they force upon him experiment after...

Duration:92 mins

Quality: HD



Season 11 - Mystery Science Theater 3000
"Why is the Satellite of Love malfunctioning? Who is the hooded figure that wants Bobo's soul? What is the purpose of the mystery ship following the SOL? Find out in MST3K's eleventh season opener, featuring the Joe Estevez epic \"Soultaker\"."
"A grandfather tells his grandson several horrifying stories involving the wizard Merlin and a stolen monkey doll in Merlins Wunderladen (1996). Crow and Tom review each other, Servo accidentally turns Mike into an infant with magic, and the crew shows off a collection of Ernest Borgnine children's books."
"The guys take a crack at Future War (1997) in which a man formerly enslaved by aliens escapes to modern-day Los Angeles but is being tracked by cyborgs and their trained dinosaurs. Mike and the Bots thank Pearl for not killing them which derails her plans. Tom makes himself a pair of legs so he can kick-box."
"The SOL crew take up fishing and debate whether films would be better if the actors\/actresses were all nude."
"A smarmy professor and his dimwitted students camp out in an Arkansas swamp to search for Bigfoot in The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II (1984). Pearl makes up her own urban legend, Tom takes up whittling, and Crow tends to his fires."
"In Track of the Moon Beast (1976), a mineralogist is hit by a meteor which causes him to transform into a lizard-monster. The Bots rush the Halloween season on the SOL and devote an episode of Legends of Rock to \"The Band That Played California Lady\"."
"A not-so bat man terrorizes people while Mike tries to grow a mustache again."
"Pearl accidentally destroys the device controlling the Satellite of Love, sending the ship into a deadly trajectory towards Earth, but Mike and the bots have enough time to watch one last film: the '60s Euro-spy classic \"Danger: Diobolik\"."
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