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Naked and Afraid - Season 4 Episode 5

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Episode: 5/13 eps

Duration: 43 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.7

Season 4 - Naked and Afraid
"One Army mom and one Marine are shipped out to the sweltering swamps of the Florida Everglades where they will put their military survival training to the test, facing 8-foot alligators, venomous water moccasins, and bloodthirsty mosquitoes."
"Christina and Steve take on the Mexican jungles of Quintana Roo for 21 days. But with each sleepless bug-filled night tensions between them mount, and in the end, the greatest threat to their survival might be each other."
"An inventive tattoo artist and an upbeat social worker have to rely on each other to survive three weeks on a blisteringly hot beach on the Yucatan Peninsula. In an area where fire is hard to come by, the mosquitoes are incessant, and the crocodiles hungry, survival is a constant struggle. After trying numerous creative survival techniques, the two realize their greatest survival tools are their attitudes and teamwork."
"Two survivalists take on the hot and hellish conditions of Guyana's equatorial savannah. Slammed from day one by the heat, they battle debilitating health issues, a team dynamic breakdown, critical survival malfunctions and a massive psychological decline"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A workaholic mom and a loner are challenged to survive three weeks in Thailand. Competing with monkeys and rats for food, it's a daily struggle not only to survive, but to understand each other. Will they be able to come together as a team?"
"Charlie, a no-nonsense New Yorker, and Danielle, a nature-loving vegetarian, attempt to survive for 21 days in the deadly Colombian jungle. With polar opposite personalities, will Charlie and Danielle work as a team, or will the jungle tear them apart?"
"In this new Bares All episode, survivalists shed new light on their highs and lows, fears and frustrations. Features exclusive, never-before-seen footage that reveals the good, the bad, the awkward, and the downright weirdest moments from their adventures"
"A Navy vet and a military mom tackle the harsh conditions of Mexico's uninhabitable Cayo Venado. A prowling black panther, tree sap poisonous to the touch, and a week of freezing rain lead this pair of survivalists right up to the breaking point."
"AK, a past survivalist, returns for her chance at redemption. Her partner Jason joins her in tackling the jungle of Guyana, but the two have different priorities. Starvation sets in causing tension to rise. Will they come together and survive the 21 days?"
"An independent mother of three, plus a jungle savvy Green Beret, take on the remote wetlands of Guyana. Battling disease-carrying sand flies, venomous snakes, and an infestation of caiman present huge challenges. Can this pair survive?"
"Two fans of the show take on a special 14 day challenge in Nicaragua."
"Incredible unseen footage as bare naked strangers struggle to survive 21 days in some of the cruelest environments on the planet. It's the fights and the pain, we didn't see in the original episodes."
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