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The Simpsons - Season 10 Episode 10

When Homer takes Ned to Las Vegas in an attempt to get him to loosen up, the two end up drunkenly marrying a pair of cocktail waitresses.

Episode: 10/23 eps

Duration: 22 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 8.8

Season 10 - The Simpsons
"A new girl arrives at Springfield Elementary and becomes instantly popular, with Lisa forced to organize a dance at her school, while Homer and Bart try to start their own grease business."
"Homer's midlife crisis leads to a disastrous attempt at being an inventor."
"When Bart accidentally kills a mother bird, he tries to make amends by raising the eggs."
"Homer receives an evil hair transplant; Bart and Lisa get trapped in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon; Maggie is revealed to be an alien."
"Homer becomes a Hollywood insider when he befriends Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger."
"Homer becomes a hippie after a revelation about his middle name."
"Lisa cheats on a test and has a moral crisis when her perfect score qualifies the school for grant money. Meanwhile, Homer cannot bring himself to cook a lobster, so he adopts it as a pet instead."
"Homer gets cold feet before a transplant operation which could save Grampa's life."
"Homer deals with corruption when he becomes Mayor Quimby's bodyguard."
"When Homer takes Ned to Las Vegas in an attempt to get him to loosen up, the two end up drunkenly marrying a pair of cocktail waitresses."
"The children of Springfield revolt after a curfew is enforced."
"Homer and his friends head to the Superbowl, but are forced to sneak in when they discover their tickets are counterfeit."
"After a dimwitted TV character is coincidentally named Homer Simpson, Homer changes his name to Max Power."
"The husbands of Springfield plot revenge after Apu outshines them on Valentine's Day."
"Marge's new SUV gives her a potent case of road rage."
"Lisa feels that her relationship with her father will never be close, and she develops stress-induced stomach pains; Marge inadvertently knocks out Milhouse."
"Homer completes a cross country delivery for a trucker who dies before completing it, and takes Bart along for the ride. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa experience problems with a novelty doorbell they purchase."
"Three famous religious stories are retold Simpsons style as the family nods off at church."
"Homer becomes the talk of the Springfield art community when a failed barbecue pit he worked on is mistaken for an art project."
"Bart is punished with community service at the Retirement Castle after he ruins Springfield's chances of hosting the Olympics."
"When a wealthy man moves to Springfield, Mr. Burns begins to feel that he is losing his grasp on the citizens and decides to enlist the help of Homer."
"Lisa is invited to join the Springfield chapter of MENSA and after Mayor Quimby flees, the group ends up running the city. Meanwhile, Homer poses for a series of erotic photos."
"The Simpsons must perform on a Japanese game show after Homer loses their money on a vacation."
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